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Today my debut album “For the Beauty kept Inside” is finally, officially released !

And I have been keeping this beauty inside for almost two years since I started recording the album.


So, even if it still hard for me to believe that this is all not just a dream, as maybe this whole life is, I am so happy that I can set this musical baby free, free to go where ever it wants to go.

Cause from now on, it’s no longer mine, it’s ours, yours, everybody’s and nobody’s.


“For the Beauty kept Inside”, go find your way out there just as I am still trying to find mine.


I'm on Fire is the first song ever written bu Malvin Moskalez and the last single before the full debut album is coming out. It's about loss and reinventing yourself, finding the fire within you.


A voice, a guitar and an hauntingly beautiful melody. That’s all there is to it. But, when executed to perfection, it’s devastatingly powerful. ‘Old Manslow’ is just that. Pure beauty. Nothing but heart.

Malvin Moskalez ‘Ghosts’ is a thing of wonder. Using the tried and tested template of an acoustic guitar and strong vocals, Moskalez demonstrates that simplicity goes a long way.

‘Ghosts’ goes straight for the heart, ties a bow around it and gives you strength to fight whatever life throws at you. It’s a song about the demons in one’s head, the little voices who can make the ground shake relentlessly beneath your feet.


‘Alone’ is the first piece of music to be released by Malvin Moskalez. The short and gentle instrumental piece serves as an introduction to Malvin’s captivating and moving songwriting.

 Malvin’s guitar has its own voice and tone, telling a whole story with just a few fingerpicking notes.

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